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Salsa, Picante, Bar-B-Que, we have all the fiery foods you could ever want! Barbeque has long been a Southern Institution. As barbeque moved west it met other sauces with distinct international flavor; picante and salsa. In Texas we refined and purified these sauces until we created a unique Texas style. It isn't Southwest and it isn't Tex-Mex. It's Texas Firehouse, born of the Texas passion that is the Alamo. From the shores of the Gulf of Mexico to the rolling Hill Country near Austin, from the desert plains of East Texas to the sophisticated streets of Dallas and Houston we are Fast Becoming a Texas Legend!

Whether you were born and bred to Texas, got here as fast as you could, or just dream of being here, these sauces are for you.

Product Line:
Complete Salsa Line Chili Mix
Jalapeno Flashover Bean Dips
Enchilada Sauce Mild Salsa
Mesquite BBQ Sauce Medium Salsa
Chipotle BBQ Sauce Hot Salsa
Three Pepper BBQ Sauce  Blazing Hot Salsa

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