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There is a minimum 3 jars per order. Mix and match or 3 of a kind. Thank you.

Emergency Survival Kit | Salsa | Bar-B-Que Sauce | Chili Mix | Jalapeņo Flashover

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Texas Firehouse Award Winning
Emergency Survival Kit

In case of Emergency - Open Jar!
Any 3 products: $19.00
All jars are 16oz.
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Emergency Survival Kit - click to see a larger image

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Texas Firehouse Salsa

Made with 100% natural ingredients. Rio Grande hand selected ripe, red tomatoes and plump, juicy jalapeņos with four distinctive fire power levels.
Mild Salsa - click to see a larger image

Perfect for sprucing up all your favorite family recipes and healthy snacking for the young 'uns.
Medium Salsa - click to see a larger image

For those that like a little more zesty flavoring that's sure to please the palate.
Hot Salsa - click to see a larger image

This is for you folks that like to surprise your innards with a fiery thrust. A tasty jolt!
Blazing Hot Salsa - click to see a larger image

Blazing Hot
Watch Out! This Award Winner sounds the alarm, blazing a trail of habaņero peppers down to the tip of your toes.
Each Jar $5.00
16oz Mild
Each Jar $5.00
16oz Medium
Each Jar $5.00
16oz Hot
Each Jar $5.00
16oz Blazing

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Bar-B-Que Sauces

mmmm...jalapeņos, habaņeros, chipotles and more give our Texas Firehouse Bar-B-Que sauces that true tangy "Texas Taste"!
Chipotle Bar-B-Que Sauce - click to see a larger image Chipotle
Bar-B-Que Sauce

A scrumptious blend of mesquite roasted red & green jalapeņos enrich the smoky flavor of this hearty sauce. National Award Winner!


Mesquite Bar-B-Que Sauce - click to see a larger image Mesquite
Bar-B-Que Sauce

An old family recipe that enhances the flavor of all your beef, pork, fish or poultry dishes. A tad of brown sugar and honey for a sweet boost. Finger licking good!

Each Jar $5.00
16oz Chipotle
Each Jar $5.00
16oz Mesquite
Chipotle Bar-B-Que Sauce - click to see a larger image Three Pepper
Bar-B-Que Sauce

This Award Winning smoky, sweet sauce has an added "kick" of habaņero, serrano, and chipotle peppers guaranteed to sound your alarm and get your taste buds fully involved!

Each Jar $5.00
16oz Three Pepper

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Search and Rescue Chili Mix

If you have been searching for that perfect pot of chili, you've just been rescued!
A favorite among firefighters here in Corpus Christi, Texas. This Award Winning liquid concentrate chili mix of tomato sauce and special spices brings out the flavor of the meat like never before. Easy to follow directions on the jar.
Each Jar $6.00
16oz Chili Mix
Search & Rescue Chili Mix - click to see a larger image

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Jalapeņo Flashover

Enjoy the flavor of the freshest red and green jalapeņos blended with onions, garlic and lime juice. Truly a mouth watering sensation. Sure to earn a spot right next to the salt and pepper on your kitchen table.
Each Jar $5.00
16oz Jalapeņo Flashover
Jalapeņo Flashover - click to see a larger image

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